20-White-Mini-Lights String, Set of 3

Fairy lights are a trendy way to brighten up a space, and at Jamali Garden, our wholesale mini lights string can add a little light-filled magic to your floral designs, wedding décor, and interior design.

Each string is seven-feet long and has 20 mini white LED lights spaced evenly apart. Three strings come in one unit, providing you with triple the amount of illumination and visual design.

Each string comes with a small, slim and semi-translucent battery pack that contains two CE-2450 batteries. The pack is small enough to be concealed in a number of creative ways.

20-White-Mini-Lights String, Set of 3

Item# MM20-WH

Size: 7ft Long 

Color: White

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Set Of 3 ($4.00 EA)
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Try filling a glass jar with a white mini lights string — clear or colored glass will allow make the class sparkle and cast a beautiful aura in your display. You could also use the light string to decorate a mantel or display shelf, adding a whimsical touch and just enough light to illuminate the space without being too bright.

Purchase your wholesale white mini lights string from Jamali Garden today and sprinkle a little magic into your event.