24in Zanzibar Gem Plant In Pot


24in Zanzibar Gem Plant In Pot

Item# CH10607721

6 1/4in Dia. x 24in High 

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Color: Green/Black

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This artificial ZZ plant has just the right look to make it appear real enough as a plant you've been growing yourself. It has five branches coming up at slightly different heights with healthy green leaves. Add this artificial Zanziber Gem plant to a mix of potted plants on a ledge or in garden display to create a realistic look. This Zanzibar Gem plant comes in the black pot shown. Drop it in another pot or decorative container and it's ready for display.

This faux Zanzibar tree will arrive with nearly straight branches. Shape and bend them slightly to create your desired shape.

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Buy Faux 24in Zanzibar Gem Plants Online

Zanzibar gem plants, also known as ZZ plants, are tropical perennials native to Eastern Africa. These ornamental houseplants are known for their individual branches filled with glossy green foliage. While the real ZZ plants are fairly easy to care for, they do have specific requirements for how much light they need. When you opt for faux Zanzibar gem plants from Jamali Garden, you can enjoy all of the beauty of these plants without any maintenance at all.

Your faux Zanzibar gem plant will come pre-potted in a simple black pot. This planter is perfectly acceptable for display, but if you prefer to mix it up, you can place your plant and its pot into a more decorative planter. We love the way our Zanzibar gem plant looks in a round grey cement pot for some added texture, or in a hammered antique brass pot to achieve a vintage aesthetic.

Jamali Garden is the best source of artificial 24-inch Zanzibar gem plants for sale online. We offer wholesale pricing and bulk discounts, so you can be sure to get the exact quantities you need to fill a space and create amazing events.