360-Light Warm White L.E.D. Cluster Light

With a 360-light warm white LED cluster light string from Jamali Garden, customizing your designs to look exactly as you’ve envisioned is easier than ever. They’re perfect for your holiday party and winter wedding décor.

These 360 LED light bulbs adorn this brightly illuminated cluster light. The stems that poke out in every direction along a fine silver wire glow with a soft, warm light. This silver wire measures up to nine feet long when fully stretched out. It’s up to you whether you elongate the wire and cover a nine-foot space or twist the wire to fit your smaller area.

360-Light Warm White L.E.D. Cluster Light


Size: 9ft Long 

Color: Warm White/Silver

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For simple background lighting or an accented hallway, the stretched wire will keep the cluster of warm white lights at a perfect distance apart. To attract attention or create a dramatic display along a mantel or banister, wrap and twist the flexible wire to condense and maximize the lighting.

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