58in Asparagus Fern Garland

We love the look of asparagus ferns in arrangements or as plants. With this artificial asparagus fern garland it's now easy to incorporate it into your wedding and event decor as well. It's a nice base for a table garland design to which you'd like to add silk flowers, or when you want to add some greenery to columns, rails, or stairs. With its light and airy look it an easy piece to incorporate and use in your decor and display designs. The fern garland chandelier from ruffled is created using 7 of these asparagus plumosa fern garlands.


58in Asparagus Fern Garland

Item# MIC-GD226O

58in High 

Weight: 0.1 lbs.

Color: Green

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Add greenery to any event space with our asparagus fern garland. This delicate garland features light, wispy ferns ranging from deep to light greens that mimic real asparagus ferns. Our garland also includes a coated stem to enhance its appearance and give you the flexibility to shape and move it to your chosen position. Since this garland will not fade or wilt, you can use it for multiple events and easily store it for a cost-effective and versatile decorating option. 

Potential Uses

Whether you are creating a rustic theme or want to bring timeless elegance to your event, our asparagus fern garland can help. The artificial fern garland's delicate nature makes it an ideal decorating choice. Combine it with other elements, such as our preserved light pink roses, to create a romantic atmosphere. 

Our asparagus fern garland also draws the eye without being the main attraction. Weave the asparagus fern garland around the base of our white birdcage for a unique and whimsical centerpiece. You can also combine the artificial fern garland with lights, such as our gold super bright light set on green wire, and place it around a door frame for a cheerful way to welcome guests or enhance the space. 

At Jamali Garden, it's easier and more affordable to buy wholesale and create eye-catching décor for your next event. Shop our asparagus fern garland and buy in bulk to start saving.