Artificial Grass Turf

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This indoor/outdoor artificial turf grass is ideal for display, patios, and rooftops. It has the looks and feel of real grass – blades in different shades of green and light brown dried blades mixed in provide an incredibly realistic look. But unlike real grass, there’s no maintenance required! So you can easily create the grass-covered area you’d like, without worrying about mowing or proper growing conditions. When using these wholesale artificial turf grass mats indoors, no need to fret if they’re not getting enough sunlight. And when used outdoors, no need to worry about watering! Simply roll them out over the desired area, and admire the soft yet durable touch of greenery they add.

6 1/2ft x 1yd Artificial Grass Turf By The Yard

Item# ALOE-35Y5-YARD

Size: 1yds Long x 6 1/2ft Wide 

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6 1/2ft x 12yds Artificial Grass Turf

Item# ALOE-35Y5

Size: 6 1/2 Long x 36ft Wide 

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16in x 16in Artificial Turf Mat

Item# ALOE-35Y5-16X16

Size: 16in Square x 1 1/2in High 

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24in x 30in Artificial Grass Turf Mat

Item# ALOE-35Y5-24X30

Size: 30in Long x 24in Wide x 1 1/2 High 

Color: Green

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Our wholesale artificial grass mats come in a variety of sizes, so you can buy mats in just the dimensions you need. For a particularly large area, consider our 6 ½ ft. x 12 yds. faux turf grass roll – it’ll provide coverage for the square footage you need for your next big project, all at a competitive price.


The decorating purposes are nearly endless; line your rooftop patio with this wholesale artificial grass for a lush escape from the concrete-covered city. “Grow” grass in your shade-covered backyard. Or make a lovely retail display promoting the newest, fresh spring products. Below are some additional reasons to use faux grass in your next project:

  • Low maintenance - now watering or mowing required
  • Stands up to head, sun, and rain
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable to meet the dimensions you need to cover
  • Incredibly realistic look
  • Greenery year-round!

This grass turf comes on a heavy-duty rubber backing with drainage holes. For more on target="_blank">how and why to use artificial grass, check out this post on Gardenista. And when you’re ready to add some natural-looking beauty to your patio, rooftop area, event venue, or even backyard, buy from Jamali Garden!