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  1. small white vintage outdoor wedding birdcage
    18in White Birdcage
    Regular Price $35.00 Sale $29.99
  2. white decorative wedding birdcage
    23in White Birdcage
    Regular Price $49.99 Sale $39.99
  3. artificial lemons
    Meyer Lemons, Set of 8
    Regular Price $11.99 Sale $9.99
  4. Mini Pomegranate Pick
    Mini Pomegranate Pick, Set of 24
    Regular Price $5.99 Sale $3.99
  5. 10in & 12 ½in Square Antique Brass Trays
    10in & 12 ½in Square Antique Brass Trays


    Regular Price $26.00 Sale $19.99
  6. Gold Leaf Trays
    Gold Leaf Trays


    Regular Price $8.50 Sale $5.99
  7. Nickel Leaf Trays
    Nickel Leaf Trays
    Regular Price $5.99 Sale $3.99
  8. Antiqued Brass Hammered Bowls
    Antiqued Brass Hammered Bowls
    Regular Price $130.00 Sale $99.00

148 Items

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Wholesale Accent Decor

Our decor accents will add colorful, festive elements to your rooms, rustic events, parties, and weddings. Try something out of the ordinary, like a colonial antique black brass sand timer displayed on a side table or a bookshelf. Incorporate the interesting shapes and leaves of mixed succulents into the decor at home or weddings and parties. 

Add extra sparkle to the ambiance with a hanging nickel and crystal ball, and place a light source inside for true luster. A natural raffia basket holds small keepsakes and serves as a decorative accent for a nightstand or coffee table. Buying in bulk? Save and buy at wholesale. Jamali Garden is the industry's favorite supplier of home accents and wedding supplies.

Birds and Animals

Jamali Garden's selection of bird and animal figures will help add extra detail to your decor. Our wide selection contains many breeds such as owls, peacocks, and doves that will add sparkle or texture to your decor. Fill a square glass cloche with a wood base with flowers, our bird's nest with leaves and one of our birds to create a lifelike display.

You can utilize our animal selection in your seasonal decor as well. Our glittered holiday deer is perfect for winter scenes. For an unexpected festive twist, place our orangutan in displays or on your table to spread some holiday cheer!


Jamali Garden's selection of geodes is sure to excite with its diverse natural textures. Along with our geodes, we also carry shark teeth and obelisks made of selenite and onyx. Our premium selection is the perfect way to add a holistic element to your event. 

A great way to showcase the geodes or any other stone is by placing them around lively candles. The light from the candle will reflect in the natural sparkle of the geode, adding a magical glow to your event.


Jamali Garden has many wooden elements available, such as tables, bowls, decorations, and vases. Use our wooden pieces to incorporate a natural element at your event. Our wooden decorations also include our sitting Buddha statues made out of teak wood. These gorgeous wooden statues are an ideal way to add a zen element to any event.

For a simple decorating idea that you can use year-round, take one of our Paulownia wood tree trunks and wrap it in one of our morning glory garlands. Place candles around the trunk and garland to complement a rustic-themed event.

Artificial Fruits

Whether you want to place fruits in a glass vase, a cloche, on a tray, or simply in a bowl, Jamali Garden has a wide selection of artificial fruits to fit your decorating needs. Along with our fruit selection, Jamali Garden offers brown eggs and assorted mushrooms to add visual interest to your decor.

Create visual contrast by placing a bright fruit like an orange on our round Moroccan ammonoid fossil plate. This color contrast will cause anyone who walks by to pause and admire your decorating vision.


If you're searching for the perfect accent for your beach-themed event, check out Jamali Garden's selection of shells. Our inventory includes both natural and artificial shells, allowing you to find the ideal piece for your event. Fill a glass vase with our shells and sand for a mini beach in a container or place them on a table for decoration.

Instead of a floral arrangement, use your shells to make a one-of-a-kind shell arrangement. Take a glass vase, like our rectangular glass vase, and fill it with sand. Choose eye-catching shells to arrange on top, such as our tiger natural nautilus. If you'd like to go a step further, place tealights among the shells to cast a warm glow.

Crystal Decor

At Jamali Garden, we have crystal decor that will add sparkle, shine, and elegance to any event. Our hanging crystal balls are a great way to add a glittery element to every room. Each ball has a small door so you can place a real or LED candle inside, illuminating the crystal ball from within.

You can use our crystal pedestal cake plates to display tasty treats at a wedding or party. Other design options include placing fruit such as our mini yellow pears on top of the platter to create a classy display.


Fresh greenery is the perfect decor for a spring or summer event. With our preserved boxwood offerings at Jamali Garden, you'll have beautiful greenery for your events now and in the future. Our offerings include wreaths, mats, and topiaries. The only maintenance required for our boxwood is to spray them with water once a month. Hang our boxwood wreaths around your event for a fresh summer feel.

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Shopping Jamali Garden's wholesale accent decor selection will ensure your next event or wedding is a moment to remember. Buy in bulk to find the quantities you need at affordable prices. Our selection includes options from geodes to boxwood, so you can find the perfect accent decor to amaze your guests!