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    20in Natural Hogla Sticks
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Florist Supplies

If you handle flowers regularly, we want to help you produce the best arrangements and floral crafts possible. Jamali Garden has a variety of floral and flower shop supplies online. Create your most ambitious visions with the help of our tools. We even offer our florist supplies wholesale so you can save money while getting quality tools you can count on. Start shopping and build your order with Jamali Garden today. 

Essential Floral Tools to Get Started

When you are setting up floral arrangements anywhere, the goal is to always be prepared. That's why Jamali Garden has all the florist supplies you require to perfect your displays and crafts.

We carry scissors and shears for everyone, no matter what hand you use. Our sakagen floral scissors are designed to accommodate right-handed and left-handed users. We also have a range of shears and floral cutting knives that help you cut your stems on an angle, keeping flowers fresh and healthy. 

Additionally, we have tools like twine, double-sided tape, wire, and floral water picks. These items may seem small, but they make the greatest difference between a dependable, sophisticated arrangement and one that is ready to fall apart at the slightest nudge.

Arrangement Additions Make the Job Easy

Once you have prepped your flowers, it's time to arrange them. Jamali Garden has several popular florist items to bring your arrangements together beautifully. One such item is the pin frog. A fantastic invention traditionally used by the Japanese, you place the tool at the bottom of a vase and stick the flower stems in the pins to keep them from moving.

An alternative and more common material used for flower arrangements is floral foam. We love floral foam because it is a foundation on which you can build something completely new. We offer foam in several sizes and shapes. Stick flower stems into a dome and create a beautiful arrangement of flowers as a centerpiece, or go more traditional with a square piece that you place in your vase.

Florist Accessories Transform Your Flowers

When it comes to making flowers truly pop, Jamali Garden has several floral accessories to take your arrangements and crafts to the next level. One great product that coats your plants with a healthy shine is our Chrysal brand flower leaf shine. After handling and positioning leaves and flowers, the natural shine may come across dull. With a fresh coat of Chrysal, your plant leaves will look fresh and new.

You can also spruce up flowers by adding glitter to the petals or changing the color with flower-friendly spray paint.

Bring Your Floral Ideas to Life With Jamali Garden Florist Supplies

We have all the florist supplies you need to create one-of-a-kind arrangements for any event. Arrange flowers in the shape of a dome, make petals sparkle, and bring life to your leaves with our shine spray. The possibilities are truly endless, so don't wait! Buy florist supplies online from Jamali Garden. If you're preparing for a big event, save money and buy florist supplies at wholesale prices today.