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Wholesale Garden Decor

Take a look at our garden decor category if you're interested in adding unique, beautiful decor to your garden. With a creative touch, you can create decorations for your garden with practically any accent. At Jamali Garden, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite decorations to help you get started. All of our suggestions are available on our website, making us your one-stop shopping destination to revitalize your garden and create a new masterpiece.

Rocks and Sand

Stone paths are a staple in many gardens. In larger gardens, a stone trail can lead visitors on a journey through nature and divide the garden into smaller sections. Jamali Garden has various rocks and gravel options for you to add charm to your garden. Choose highly polished river stones as a sleek decorative element for a garden or garden path. For a pop of brightness, explore our alabaster and white tumbled marble options.

If rocks aren't your style, include sand in your design! Make your backyard wedding feel like a dream destination wedding with our luxury sand options. Choose from fine or superfine blends of sand in white, off-white, grey, and black. These neutral tones will match your event's style and color scheme. If you have kids, consider adding a sandbox in your backyard. Our play sand is safe thanks to special grade washing, and it's perfect for molding and building the highest castles in the land.


Both preserved moss and faux moss make for subtle accents in any setting. Faux moss is made from artificial fibers that will last through multiple uses and occasions. Our preserved moss was once alive and has since been treated in an eco-friendly manner for decorative use purposes. Artificial moss typically has a smoother finish. Jamali Garden has preserved moss mats in multiple sizes. Use it as a runway or table runner, or cut it up for a bit a green anywhere you want it.

Using moss in your decorations can bring new vibrance to a flat arrangement. Pair our moss with flowers like white dogwood or lilac for a magical centerpiece straight out of a fairytale, or you can place patches of moss in the garden for a soft, woodsy look right in your backyard. Even on their own, moss balls can make for a unique statement piece that you'll love discussing with guests again and again.


Bamboo is a popular choice for decor due to its natural beauty and flexibility. Bamboo's typical light tan color fits nicely into any garden. At Jamali Garden, we offer a unique twist on this classic decor with our black and green colored bamboo. Use our stakes to support your growing plants or simply place them in a vase for decoration.

If you're looking to include more bamboo in your decor, we suggest trying one of our fences. Our wired bamboo fences come in various sizes to suit your space. These fences look excellent in a garden among climbing plants and vines or on a balcony or terrace to create privacy. If you'd like to include greenery in your fence, we have an expanding trellis for you to make your own.

Garden Furniture

After you transform your garden or event venue into a decorative masterpiece, remember to take the time to appreciate it! The best way to enjoy your space is to place comfortable furniture in the vicinity and take advantage of every nice day. Furthermore, a few garden chairs or a lovely table can do wonders for your garden decor on the whole.

Our round teak stool would make a great side table on a patio, terrace, or balcony, and it might be just what you need to tie the whole area together. Pair a table with a set of terrace chairs, and get ready to enjoy cool summer nights and once-in-a-lifetime events in the most beautiful place you know — right in your backyard.

Find Your Favorite Decor at Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden is the premier choice for wholesale garden decor and floral supplies. Buying in bulk? Save and buy our products wholesale. For more information on our products or other questions and comments, visit our contact page and fill out our contact form today.


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