Haworthia Zebra In Brown Pot, Set of 2


Haworthia Zebra In Brown Pot, Set of 2

Item# HA316363GN

3 1/2in Dia. x 6 1/4in High 

Weight: 0.5 lbs.

Color: Green/Brown

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Set Of 2 ($4.00 EA)
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These artificial Haworthia plants have beautiful blue and green hues and come ready to display in these rust-brown, fishbowl-shaped pots. Use them in a store window or retail display, on your cocktail hour tables at a wedding, or in a not-so-sunny spot in your home where you'd love to have some plants. Create a convincing display by adding a few of our other potted plants that are similar in size, like our sword grass and desert rose plants.

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Buy Artificial Haworthia Zebra Plants Online

Haworthia zebra plants are named for their unique horizontal striping along the outsides of their spiky leaves. These stripes create a visually stunning pattern and unmistakable texture. The leaves are a cool blue-green hue, which contrasts nicely with the warm color of their smooth, rust-brown fishbowl pots. Our hyper-realistic faux haworthia zebra plants can be placed anywhere to add the charm of greenery without the work of caring for a real plant.

These haworthia zebra plants are gorgeous enough to stand on their own as an accent piece to bring a lively, nonfloral touch to otherwise dull areas. They also serve as perfect centerpieces for either round or rectangular tables. To create a more elaborate display, combine your haworthia zebra plant with similarly sized potted artificial plants such as our faux sword grass.

Buy artificial haworthia zebra plants online from Jamali Garden in the bulk quantities you need for your space or event!