Heart Shaped Moroccan Ammonoid Plate

Sweet: this plate is carved from a genuine, Moroccan ammonoid, into the shape of a heart. Note its lovely and unique patterns in black, cream, and grey colors too. 

Ammonoids are a group of extinct marine mollusks that lived more than 400 million years ago. Due to its spiral shape that resembles rams horns, Pliny the elder called fossils of these animals "horns of Ammon", because the egyptian god Ammon was typically depicted wearing rams horns. 

Each plate will be different and will vary in size, color, and pattern, from the ones shown here.

Brought from the Saharan desert in Morocco, sold exclusively at Jamali Garden.

Heart Shaped Moroccan Ammonoid Plate

Item# FOS-PL1

Size: 7in Diameter x  1/4in High 

Weight: 1 lb.

Color: Black/Cream/Grey

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