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  1. wool roping
    78in Wool Roping


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  2. 5ft Glitter Pine Garland
    5ft Glitter Pine Garland
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  3. velvet look teal leaf garland
    48in Velvet-Look Green Leaf Garland
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  4. Cotton Ball Garland
    Cotton Ball Garland
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Wholesale Christmas Garlands

Garland is a classic touch for any home, storefront, or event venue you decorate for the holidays. Garlands are the perfect holiday and Christmas decorations for banisters, windows, and doors and add an earthy element to shiny ornaments, tinsel, and bows. We are a wholesale Christmas garland supplier with a vast selection of bulk Christmas garlands that are evergreen, decorative, and wooden. We have garlands to suit any event or taste, so get ready to deck the halls (and any other space you're looking to decorate!) with Jamali Garden.

We have many pine and evergreen garland options for a classic Christmas look. This pine garland looks beautiful in any space by itself or with added lights and ornaments. If you want garland that has visual appeal without other decor, our green leaf and red berry garland can look lovely on a fireplace mantel.

We also have garland that uses other elements like glitter, crystal, and glass for a white or sophisticated event. Our iced and glittered eucalyptus garland still has the green elements of a traditional garland but adds something fresh with the frosted leaves and white berries. It could make the perfect table runner at a wedding in any season.

We also have more fun options like our multicolor glass ball garland and our multicolor mini reindeer garland if you are looking to add a colorful flair or something different to your holiday decorations.

How to Decorate With Garland: Common Q&A's

Depending on how you want to decorate with garland, you will need to consider factors like greenery, length, thickness, lighting, and more. Here are answers to common questions about decorating with garland so you can decide which type best fits your needs.

What Is the Difference Between Super Thick Garland and Thinner Garland?

Super thick garland is larger and will fill more space. These Christmas garlands are often used for commercial purposes, like decorating storefront windows. Thinner garland is best for residential uses, like decorating a banister. If you want to add decorations to your garland, using the thinner variety is best.

Can I Use Christmas Garland Around Windows and Doors?

Placing garland around windows and doors can help bring festivity into your home. However, since most garland is built with a banister in mind, it may not properly fit your doors and windows. You can fix this by using unlit garland for the doors and windows and cutting it to the desired length. If you would like those areas to have lights, you can add them separately.

What Is the Greenery Tip Count?

Greenery tip count refers to the number of tips each greenery branch has. The amount you choose will depend on the decorating use. A higher tip count means the garland looks thicker and has fewer gaps, so you may not need to decorate it to hide holes. If you want to decorate your garland with lights or ornaments, a lower tip count is fine.

What Is the Best Way to Hang Christmas Garland?

You should first fold your garland in half to determine the middle. That way, you know it will come out evenly. For indoor uses, you can use clear adhesive hooks to hold the garland in place. They can easily be removed and are invisible. For outdoor uses, you can use clips that go between bricks, gutter hooks, or outdoor adhesive hooks depending on where you'd like to hang the garland.

Buy Your Christmas Garland Wholesale at Jamali Garden

Jamali Garden offers a wide variety of artificial Christmas garlands for sale at wholesale prices that are sure to suit your decorating style. We specialize in selling items in bulk, which makes it easy for our customers to decorate large spaces. Our items are available year-round, so you can get them anytime. Get shopping our many bulk garland options today, and make your space even more festive!