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  1. Red & Gold Poinsettia Stem
    Red & Gold Poinsettia Stem
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  2. 25in Champagne Eucalyptus Spray
    25in Champagne Eucalyptus Spray
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  3. Metallic Champagne Rosemary Spray
    Metallic Champagne Rosemary Spray
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  4. 27in Gold Fern Spray
    27in Gold Fern Spray
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145 Items

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Wholesale Christmas Picks and Sprays

Picks and sprays can add a woodsy element to your Christmas decor. They can be displayed on their own or incorporated into other pieces. Jamali Garden has a wide variety of holiday picks and sprays wholesale. We have flowers, berries, branches, and foliage to meet your Christmas decorating needs. Get inspiration on how to decorate with festive Christmas flowers!

Christmas Floral Picks and Sprays

The Christmas season is associated with many different flowers that can be used in holiday decor. Poinsettias, a traditional Christmas flower, are appropriate for a wintertime wedding. This tall red flower can be placed in a Christmas tree instead of red ornaments to bring a floral touch to a woodsy evergreen. It also can be used as a centerpiece to bring a festive element to the dining table.

We have other flowers besides poinsettias that you can use for your client's event. The rose is another Christmas flower. Because it is less common than the poinsettia, using roses at your client's Christmas wedding can be a unique way to decorate the venue. This faux rose and gold magnolia pick could look lovely in a Christmas tree next to white ribbons and string lights. Read our guide on decorating with festive Christmas flowers to get you started!

Berry Picks and Sprays

Berries are traditionally used in Christmas decor and can pair nicely with floral picks and sprays. The berry commonly associated with Christmas is the cranberry. This red and burgundy pick features two-toned berries and could be placed in a vase by itself or with white flowers. If red berries don't fit the aesthetic, we have many other berry colors. Using a blueberry branch can be a unique element in winter wedding decor. It can be used in a table centerpiece arrangement or look stunning in a bridal bouquet.

Christmas Foliage and Branch Picks and Sprays

Branches and Christmas foliage can bring a woodsy feel to your decor. For a traditional Christmas setting, we have many holiday greenery pick options including pine and evergreen that can bring the holiday spirit to a table centerpiece. We also have greenery options besides pine. The conifer branch has the Christmas feel of the pine but is unique in its round tips. The white cotton pick resembles snow. Use it on its own in a vase or use it to create an arrangement with frosted leaves and lavender sprigs.

Need to Buy Your Christmas Picks in Bulk?

Jamali Garden has many holiday picks and sprays to decorate any area of your venue. We understand that you often need to purchase decor items in bulk, which is why we have our Christmas picks and sprays available wholesale. This makes it easy to get the quantity you need at cost-effective prices. Because our holiday products are for sale year-round, you can purchase the Christmas decorations you need at any time. Get browsing and shop today!