Creating a chic fall wedding is easier than you think - all it takes is a few strategically placed items chosen for their understated elegance.

Start with a clever pairing of succulents and pumpkins, an unexpected but utterly charming pair. Choose our Mercury Glass Pumpkins that are timeless in their shape but fresh in their shimmering finish. Frame with delicate blooms in soft apricot and ivory for a romantic take on fall colors - our eye-catching Peach Ranuculus, Lemon Hazy Days Roses and Orange Pippa Rose Bundlesare great picks.

Create the right ambiance for the whispering of sweet-nothings by weaving tea lights in a mix of antique copper and brown votive holders throughout the centerpiece. Finally, scrawl guests' names on leaves cut from our Copper Patina Magnolia Spray and our magnolia leaf garlandand arrange them on plates for name cards.

Now you've set the stage for an unforgettable fall wedding.