Mosaic Glass Tile Vases

6in Mosaic Glass Tile Cube Vase

Item# K1515

6in Square x 6in High 

Weight: 3 lbs.

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5 x 9 1/2in Mosaic Glass Tile Vase

Item# K32149

5in Dia. x 9 1/2in High 

This item is not waterproof. Use with a liner.


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Add some color and pattern to your floral arrangements with these smokey-colored vases. Each container starts out as a clear glass vase to which glass tiles are attached. A cement colored adhesive fills the spaces between the tiles and finishes the top edge of each vase.

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For an unforgettable centerpiece, you'll love our unique mosaic glass tile vases. Each smokey-hued vase features the same color and pattern. The containers start as clear glass vases, then glass tiles are attached. A silvery colored adhesive fills the spaces between the tiles and is used as a lovely finish for the rim.

Our mosaic glass tile vases are available in two distinct shapes — a cylinder and a cube — which can be paired to create a wonderful tablescape. These containers are perfect for events that call for unique décor with a flair.

Create an arrangement of white lilies and allow the simplicity of the flowers to play off the lovely colored pattern on the vase. For a warm glow, place a votive candle or tea light inside your mosaic vase and watch the light create beautiful patterns.

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