Pink Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10

Looking for creative ways to add some color to your event without going overboard with bulky designs? Try these pink submersible single LED lights! Each LED light is encapsulated in clear plastic and measures 1.25 inches wide and 1-inch tall. One pack of these lights contains 10 LED light capsules to create as little or as large a display as you’d like.

Pink Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10

Item# STL02-PK

Size: 1 1/4in Diameter x 1in High 

Color: Pink

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Set Of 10 ($1.20 EA)
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Put some of these lights at the bottom of an ice bucket and let the pink color shine through the ice. Guests will be delighted as they reach for their beverage bathed through a pink hue. You could also use these pink submersible single LED lights for flower arrangements — put them at the bottom of the vase to cast a delightful pink light onto the flowers.

Likewise, if you’d like to add a floating candle effect to your centerpieces without using actual candles, these LED lights are splendid. The water will reflect the pink light and and make for a shimmering display. You can also dazzle guests by extending the color scheme beyond the centerpieces and adding a romantic, cheerful look to the dance floor or other seating areas with pink color-coordinating lights.

Create a romantic, blush-toned event with a set of 10 pink submersible single LED lights from Jamali Garden!