Potted Philodendron


Potted Philodendron

Item# MIC-XYA128V

13in Dia. x 17in High 

Weight: 2 lbs.

Color: Green/Black

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There are nearly 500 varieties of philodendrons. This artificial philodendron plant is a Philodendron Xanadu, also sometimes called Winterbourn Philodendron, comes in a round black plastic pot. Our image shows this artificial philodendron in the Quadra square pot from Deroma, an Italian clay pot adorned with an olive garland. Shape the plant slightly taller or wider to fit it and achieve the look you want. With its dark green, elongated, deeply dissected leaves, it will be a showy addition to any room or space.

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Decorate With Artificial Split Leaf Philodendron Plants

Native to Brazil, the Philodendron Xanadu plant is a popular landscaping option in tropical and subtropical climates. In the same way, this artificial Philodendron adds a tropical botanical flair to any space. Whether you'd like to furnish an office or decorate a beach-themed wedding, this artificial Philodendron creates a lush, maintenance-free addition to your decor. 

Add Lush Faux Greenery to Decorative Displays

This graceful, authentic-looking faux plant measures 13 inches in diameter and 17 inches tall. It weighs no more than two pounds, so it is easy to maneuver around. This realistic product is as beautiful as an authentic Philodendron, but it does not require watering, sunlight, or maintenance. You can place this durable plant inside or outside at your next event.

Enhance empty corners at wedding reception halls with this eye-catching, vibrant green Philodendron. Or, place it next to your welcome tables to greet guests. Wherever you decide to place your faux Philodendron, be sure to select a pot that complements your decor style or event theme. For example, this gorgeous corded cement pot suits modern spaces, while this gold pot complements Moroccan- or Bohemian-inspired events.

Buy Faux Philodendron Plants From Jamali Garden Today

Add a tropical touch to your space when you decorate your home, venue, or event with this stunning faux Philodendron plant. We carry a large variety of true-to-life decorative artificial plants, green foliage, and leafy garlands at Jamali Garden. Order your artificial potted Philodendron today to add some greenery to your space!