Purple Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10

Purple often exudes a sense of regalness, but it’s also delightfully soothing. If you’re looking to add a little bit of sparkle to your event, incorporating purple submersible lights into your flower arrangements and other décor could be exactly what you need to brighten up your space.

A set of purple submersible single LED lights includes 10 individual and separate lights. The LED light and base measure 1 ¼-inch wide and 1-inch tall. Keep them all in one area for a dramatic effect or spread them out for a softer approach. Each light casts a bold purple hue that is sure to catch the eye. Just twist the top and bottom halves together to turn each light on and off.

Purple Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10

Item# STL02-PL

Size: 1in Height 
Diameter: 1 1/4in

Color: Purple

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Set Of 10 ($1.20 EA)

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Floating candles are a perfect way to dazzle guests and accentuate outdoor features. Add some of these lights to your pool or patio to create a sparkling display. Movement of the water will create a beautiful rippling effect throughout your event area — and it will glow purple. You could also use these purple submersible lights for flower arrangements — set them at the bottom of the vase to illuminate your flowers with a soothing purple hue.

You’re not limited to a pool area to use the LED lights, though. Create a spectacle at the bar stand by putting these lights in the ice or champagne buckets. A glow will radiate from the bottom of the bucket, through the ice and to the top layer. The glow can set a charming and well-coordinated ambiance with the rest of your decorations.

Purchase a set of purple submersible single LED lights online today and add a unique burst of color to your next event.