Soft White Submersible L.E.D. Light


Soft White Submersible L.E.D. Light


2 3/4in Dia. x 1 1/8in High 

Color: Soft White

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Whether you need extra light for visibility for aesthetic and design purposes, Jamali Garden has everything you’ll need. If water is an integral component of your décor scheme, white submersible LED lights are the ideal unit for events of all sizes and occasions.

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Battery Operated Water Submersible White LED Lights

This soft white submersible LED light measures 2 3/4 inches in diameter and about one inch tall. Its wide yet small size allows it to fit comfortably in smaller spaces while emitting intense lighting, whether alone or clustered with other light sources. Ten soft white LED lights are located on the top side, encased by clear plastic all around. Three AA batteries are the power source for this light.

If left on continuously, your light can stay bright for a period lasting between 36 and 48 hours. When you buy a soft white submersible LED light, you’ll also receive a remote control. This control serves two purposes — to control the power source and adjust the light intensity. The “on” and “off” buttons are clearly labeled, and you can choose between two different displays — it’s up to you whether your soft white submersible LED light flashes on pulse or stays steady.

Great For Vases & More

The submersible and waterproof capabilities of the unit give you unlimited display possibilities for adding light around your event. Create captivating centerpieces by including light at the bottom of your clear flower vase or colorful floral arrangement. You can also submerge these LED lights into a pool or pond for a fun water effect for guests to admire.

Buy your soft white submersible LED lights wholesale to accent and brighten up your entire event space today.