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Wholesale Glass Vases in Bulk

Glass vases are ideal for special events, like weddings, milestone birthdays, or bridal showers. With a few adjustments, like adding different bouquets, candles, or pebbles, you can transform them to suit any theme or special occasion.

Hosting a Memorable Event

You have a reputation for hosting memorable, elegant, beautiful parties, wedding receptions, and celebrations. Jamali Garden offers a wide range of transparent glass cylinderspleated glass bottle bud vasesantique silver cylinders, and various other covetable glassware for you to choose from, helping you create striking decor for your events.

Glass Vase Sets for Centerpieces

These wholesale glass vases and glass vase sets are available in various sizes, finishes, colors, and styles, making them a dynamic and stylish complementary piece to your decor inventory. 

Consider the Vienna clear glass urns to make striking centerpiece arrangements, providing a timeless design that pairs perfectly with a range of silk flowers. When deciding what to put inside your vases, consider the light pink cherry blossom spray for a whimsical finish or the cream apple blossom branch for a vintage-chic feel.

Vases in Wholesale Quantities and Available Now

Jamali Garden has been the wholesale supplier of quality glass vases since 1997. The extensive online collection showcases beautiful international and local pieces perfect for any occasion, aesthetic, and theme. Buy glass vases you want in the quantities you need, and benefit from the specialized bulk-buy prices. 

Shop Glass Cylinder Vases in Bulk at Jamali Garden

Affordable glass vases with flowers and accessories are classic decor for weddings, events, and other occasions. At Jamali Garden, you can select between a range of quality vases and order them in bulk. Jamali Garden's floral vases wholesale variety enables you to make your event exceptional, and with a large inventory ready to ship, you get your items fast.

Elevate your event and complement your inventory — shop glass vases online.