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  1. 5in Stone Wall Aged Planter
    5in Stone Wall Aged Planter
    Regular Price $5.99 Sale $4.99
  2. 3in Matcha Green Vase, Set of 2
    3in Matcha Green Vase, Set of 2
    Regular Price $12.00 Sale $7.99
  3. 6 ½in White Granite Goki Bowl
    6 ½in White Granite Goki Bowl
    Regular Price $14.99 Sale $11.99
  4. Stripe Relief Ceramic Vase, Set of 6
    Stripe Relief Ceramic Vase, Set of 6
    Regular Price $26.00 Sale $22.00

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Buy Wholesale Pots Online

Whether you're decorating your home or designing stunning centerpieces for a wedding or event, pots and planters full of greenery, plants, or flowers are a great addition to bring some life into your decor. At Jamali Garden, we've cultivated an extensive inventory of pots and planters in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. You can select from our wide assortment to get the perfect options to fit your design scheme or event theme. You can also order them in the quantities you need to fill the space.

Vintage Wholesale Planters

Incorporating vintage flower pots into the decor of an event is an excellent way to add some charm. While these pots might look a little more aged and rough than the rest, that's just the way we like them. Vintage elements inspire a sense of romance and nostalgia, creating beautiful and timeless events. Try combining antique-style metal pots with more delicate modern elements for an interesting contrast that blurs lines between old and new decor.

Ceramic Bulk Pots Online

Ceramic is one of the most classic materials used in creating captivating pots and planters, but it's also incredibly versatile. It can be sculpted, shaped, and finished in a number of ways to fit in with any aesthetic, from contemporary and modern styles to rustic and natural settings. We offer a wide range of ceramic planters in countless shapes, sizes, and colors. Our classic white ceramic pots offer a smooth finish for a clean, modern look, while our collection of potter's vases pack in bold colors and rustic charm.

Wholesale Pots With Natural Materials

Bringing elements from nature into your home or event creates a lush, ethereal environment. We carry pots and planters made from a variety of materials like wood, clay, and stone. Fill these pots with real or artificial flowers or greenery to really bring the beauty of nature into your design.


We offer a wide range of wood pots and planters in different shapes and sizes to fill any space. Wood planters combine elements of nature with warm tones and rustic charm. Because each planter is made of natural wood materials, they will each have a distinct and unique wood-grain pattern to add visual interest to your display or decorations.


Terracotta clay pots are unmistakable because of their classic look and distinct red-orange color. These earthen clay pots come in a range of sizes so that you can get the sizes you need to fit your space. Fill these pots with real plants, or choose artificial succulents and greenery for long-lasting displays.


Our collection of stone pots features a variety of materials including cement, sandstone, lava rock, terrazzo, and fiberstone. These materials create gorgeous, natural-looking pots and planters to fit with any event or decorating theme. While these pots are made of stone, many are lightweight for easy use and transport.

Get Bulk Planters Online

Shop with Jamali Garden to find high-quality wholesale flower pots online. We offer the best prices on bulk pots and planters in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. Get ready to make a statement at your next event with gorgeous decor options that let you stay on budget.

Get Flower Pots & Planters In-Store

Our store is located at 149 W 28th St, New York, NY 10001 and we would love to help you with your planter needs! Get flowers pots & planters in NYC today!

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