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Hosting a happening event or planning a perfect wedding? With all the festivities underway and décor to arrange, you may be looking for a simple and subtle but elegant way to accentuate your candles in lighting arrangements and centerpieces. Candelabras create an aesthetically-pleasing arrangement of class with the ease and elegance of a single piece, making your candles shine.

At Jamali Garden, we carry a broad assortment of beautiful candle holders in multiple materials to make sure the décor you search for suits your event exactly. Our options are perfect for creating dramatic effect for guests. Formal events and weddings will induce sophistication and charm when it comes to our wide variety of crystal, nickel, gold, and brass candelabras.

Here’s what we have to offer:

Crystal Candelabras Wholesale

Give your candles the class and clarity of pure light reflected in glassy crystal. Suited to any color scheme, our crystal candelabras offer a range of aesthetics. For a modern, clean-cut look, incorporate tapered rectangle crystal candelabra or our minimalist square cup crystal candelabra. Our chandelier ornament crystal candelabra is dripping with delicate detail, and our classic crystal candelabra incorporates both simplicity and sophistication.

Gold Candelabras Wholesale

For a glittering, glistening, fancy finish, add a golden gleam to your lighting arrangement. Our gold candelabra and candlesticks provide a perfect, polished accent to any candles. Solidify a sense of tasteful glamor in your setting with our gorgeous carved gold holders.

Nickel and Brass Candelabras Wholesale

Not all that glimmers must be gold — other metal materials are just as mesmerizing when it comes to your lighting arrangements and candle accents. If your wedding event theme isn’t quite delicate enough for crystal but calls for something with less obvious shine than gold, consider our beautiful burnished brass and brilliant nickel candelabra options.

For an assertive accent that speaks with sophistication and solidity, choose our polished brass candelabra for your candle centerpiece. Or if you’re seeking a slightly cooler, silver tone, try our nickel candelabra with bowl for extra flair with a flowery center, or use our tall nickel candelabra for a more dramatic touch.

Buying in Bulk?

Need your nickel, brass, gold, and crystal glass candelabras in large quantities? Try our wholesale options at Jamali Garden for premium products at the fairest prices. Shop today!