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Artificial Tropical Flowers for Any Occasion

Whether you're planning to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis or want to decorate for an event on the beach, artificial tropical flowers will make any setting feel like a tropical paradise. Jamali Garden offers a vibrant selection of florals, leaves, branches, and trees. Buy in bulk to save money when creating a lush landscape or display.

Our wholesale inventory includes high-quality designs with intricate detail. Accommodate any color scheme with orange, yellow, pink, red, green, and white faux plants. You'll find everything you need for Hawaiian luau, sea-themed parties, and destination wedding decorations. 

Many Kinds of Realistic Faux Tropical Plants

Bold hues in silk tropical flower sprays offer a fun and eye-catching display. At Jamali Garden, our blooms include round or pointed petals with stems reaching up to about 47 inches. Our exotic types include orchid stems and protea sprays to make your decorations look stunning with unique structures and vibrant blooms.

When you want to make vase and bowl arrangements look lush, leaves offer the perfect addition. Our ruffled and fan leaves include edge detailing with stems reaching up to about 71 inches in height. The green shades have light to dark hue variations for a realistic appearance in nature-inspired settings. 

When you need to spruce up a summer pool party or add personality to venue spaces, tropical potted plants make any setting stylish. Our popular artificial palm trees reach up to 6 feet with lively, fanned branches. They come in black planters for effortless, ready-to-go decorating. 

Artificial Flowers for Events and Parties

Many shapes, colors, and sizes of faux tropical plants offer endless decorating opportunities for weddings, parties and celebrations. Get inspiration for an outdoor theme by browsing our collection of woven candles and flower holders for earthy, nature-inspired materials. Different faux tropical succulents added to other florals and foliage offer a diverse display for centerpieces and table arrangements. 

For a cohesive theme, decorate using gold leaf trays or silver leaf plates to hold your party or event food. Their nature-inspired designs match well with tropical foliage. The shiny metallic adds a touch of glamor and luxury to any outdoor display. 

Jamali Garden offers high-quality silk tropical flowers for creating a gorgeous display when placed in cakes at weddings. The bright petals also look breath-taking when styled into bridal bouquets and brides with other elements, like starfish and other sea shells for a beachy theme. Buying faux flowers allow brides to treasure their flowers forever.

If you'd like to create a stunning backdrop, our tropical fern mats create a conversation starter and statement piece for guests. The jungle square reaches 39 inches in length and width and includes long grass blades, delicate ferns, and other lush greenery. Link them together to customize the display wall size you want for your occasion.

Shop Silk Tropical Flowers from Jamali Garden

Wholesale silk tropical flowers transport you to a serene, relaxing vacation or make an event look exciting with bold color schemes. Whether planning your table decorations at home or for an occasion, Jamali Garden offers everything you need to bring your ideas to life. When you buy in bulk, you effectively get the quantities you need. 

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