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  1. red and green faux succulent ball
    5 ¾in Mixed Red & Green Succulent Ball
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  2. 5in Mixed Succulent Ball
    5in Mixed Succulent Ball
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  3. tall green orange artificial succulent
    Dark Green Succulent Mini Tree Spray
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  4. white rose echeveria dusty miller wedding bouquet
    White Rose & Succulent Bouquet
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  5. white magnolia succulent wedding bouquet
    Magnolia & Succulent Bouquet
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76 Items

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Silk Plants - Artificial Succulents

For a one-of-a-kind decorative element, turn to our exceptionally crafted artificial succulents. Succulents have become increasingly popular in the decoration world due to their eye-catching colors and striking leaves.

At Jamali Garden, our product selection captures the most intriguing succulent qualities. You can combine our designs to create stunning centerpieces or display them individually for a modern feel. When you incorporate our silk plants and succulent products into various venues, they'll stand out in any space or event. Whether you're viewing them from up close or across the room, you and your guests will notice the vibrancy and lifelike textures of our silk plants.

Transform Your Venue With Our Stunning Succulents

We offer an assortment of succulents in different shapes and sizes for every need. From colorful aloe plants to succulent vines, we've created a plant collection with everyone's tastes in mind. You can reuse our artificial plants and succulents to add a natural element to every occasion, now and in the future.

Elegant Succulent and Cactus Vines

To add a whimsical touch to your event, turn to our succulent and cactus vines. These silk plants are both timeless and romantic, as their green hues will add a one-of-a-kind woodland element to any venue and transport your guests into another world. If you're taking a minimalistic approach, try our unique pencil cactus vine or set a romantic tone with our stunning string of pearls vine. These artificial succulents create brilliant landscaping anywhere you put them, featuring a lush draping effect your guests will admire.

Matching Succulent Sets

If you imagined a contemporary theme for your event, we offer potted succulent sets that you can display together or separately. We craft each of our succulent pots with attention to detail, resulting in a smooth and durable surface. Our potted succulent sets are also a great way to incorporate earthy tones into your interior decor, as our rust-brown and slate-gray pots create a striking contrast with the vibrant plants within them.

We offer everything from flocked finger succulents in cement pots to haworthia zebra in brown pots. Our wide selection makes it easy for you to achieve the interior design you've envisioned for your celebration.

Succulents in Planters and Bowls

We've carefully crafted our own stunning succulent arrangements with bright colors, fleshy leaves, and thin vines so you get all the variety you need in one display. Our silk plant arrangements are also showcased in multiple ways, highlighting their exceptional versatility. We offer mixed succulents in rectangular planters and artificial plants in cement pots, which you can display on their own for an attention-grabbing centerpiece at any table, shelf, or bar area.

Our Wide Array of Succulent Picks

Our diverse inventory of succulent picks suits multiple needs and occasions. You can incorporate them in any floral display to add an earthy element or display them together to create a unique arrangement that's entirely your own. We offer limitless shapes, sizes, colors, and textures, so you can find the succulent that best fits your needs — whether you want a bright 9-inch aloe pick or a lush 4-inch echeveria pick

Eye-Catching Succulent Balls

You can also incorporate our mixed succulent balls into your theme to make a truly unforgettable interior design. These striking succulent balls contain a multitude of plant types bound tightly together into a unique ornament. Whether you opt for our red and green succulent ball or our classic green succulent ball, your vision will intrigue and amaze your guests at any event.

Explore Our Wide Selection and Order Wholesale Artificial Succulents

If you want to make your interior decoration display unforgettable, trust our artificial succulent options. We've carefully created a selection that caters to an array of design needs and styles, making it simple to find precisely what you're looking for. Place a wholesale artificial succulent order with Jamali Garden today!