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  1. Hanging Rippled Glass Vase
    Hanging Rippled Glass Vase


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Glass Cylinder Vases for Weddings and Events

Decorate for your next occasion with beautiful vases from Jamali Garden. Our collection of designer-curated pieces includes various colors and textures for every event. Several of our most popular options include crystal glass vasesmercury glass vasesblack glass vases, and more to suit your desired looks. 

Our inventory at Jamali Garden includes vases ideal for holiday parties, weddings, corporate celebrations, and other gatherings. Variations in shapes and sizes offer many ways for you to make any event look chic. Some selections feature cube and oblong vasesclassic glass urnsglass cylinder vases, and bud vases to provide you with any tall, short, round, or geometric styles you need.

Glass Vases in Bulk for Centerpieces

When you buy glass vases wholesale, you get the pieces you need at a better cost. Jamali Garden offers colored glass options to match any combination of pigments. Using different types of the same vibrant, neutral, or soft hues creates cohesion and completes any look when you add them to the middle of a table at a special event. Choose from the several colors we offer to match your design preferences. 

For a glamorous aesthetic, consider using our silver glass vases with warm tones or our gold glass vases with cool tones for your color schemes. For a unique and elegant look, combine the use of both silver and gold throughout your table spaces for variation. Whether textured, smooth, shiny, or matte, metals of any type add an eye-catching, elevated element to venues as centerpieces when you want to incorporate some flair.

Creative Glass Vases for Weddings

If you'd like one-of-a-kind displays, consider using fish bowl vases as terrariums. The rounded, clear design makes a great vessel to view a mini-garden or plants displayed in a matching outdoor venue. For a beach-themed wedding or occasion, sand in the bottom of the bowl with sea shells and starfish creates a stunning decorative element.

Consider using glass light bulb vases and hanging light bulb vases for decorations as an artistic option. Each light bulb features a metal band at the top and the hanging options include a rustic jute cord to tie around a tree branch, ceiling, or wall fixture. The mini glass shapes can be a brilliant way to hold a flower stem of any type.

Buy Glass Vases Wholesale For Any Style at Jamali Garden

Glass vases provide an essential design element for weddings, events, restaurants and other interior decorating forms. At Jamali Garden, we offer a wide selection at wholesale prices. We help event coordinators, restaurant owners and designers get the material, size, color, and style they need for vases for the most cost-effective price. 

Our vast inventory ensures you match any theme and design taste needed to satisfy guests, clients and customers. To achieve a rustic style, consider using our birch bark vases to add an earthy, woodsy component. Consider using the geometric white glass cubes on your tables for a modern style. Their geometric, neutral design stands out from other traditional or vintage decorations we offer. 

Prepare for your event by purchasing realistic silk flowers in your vases. Browse our selection and select bulk quantities to save money on your order today!