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Our Collection of Wholesale Bud Vases

If your wedding, event, or commercial space needs smaller arrangements for table centerpieces and mantlepiece decorations, bud vases can be the perfect choice. Need some inspiration on putting together arrangements? Check out our guide on How To Make Bud Vase Arrangements!

Why choose a bud vase? This popular vase style is small in size and holds a single floral or greenery pick. Jamali Garden has a wide variety of miniaturebud vases available in all forms, sizes and colors to enhance your space. Sometimes it's the little touches that can completely transform an area! Whether your event is vintage-themed, contemporary, monochromatic, or colorful, you will find the perfect bud vases to wow your guests. Shop our extensive selection of unique bud vases in bulk today!

Crystal and Glass Bud Vases for Sale

The simplistic, lovely appearance of crystal and glass bud vases makes this style easy to incorporate into any event theme. Crystal and glass are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and bulk quantities. Want to add height to your tablescapes? Our square glass crystal bud vases will work well. For a bud vase that has farmhouse appeal, use our glass mini milk bottles.

Colorful & Eye-Catching Bud Vases

If your wedding, event or space needs an extra splash of color, use a bud vase with tinted glass. Amber bud vases can give the arrangement a particularly warm glow. The shade of amber in our luster glass ball vase set creates an antique look, perfect for a rustic wedding or vintage-themed event. It will also blend well with a fall-themed gathering when surrounded by leaves and pumpkins.

For a bold look, choose a green hue. This shade pairs well with florals for a fresh springtime look. One of our most popular vases is our dark green medicine bottle bud vase set. It is perfect for holding a few neutral-colored buds.

Antique Bud Vases & Mercury Glass Centerpieces that Dazzle!

Bring an old-fashioned style to your centerpieces with antique bud vases. These antique silver and mercury glass vases have a spotted, rubbed appearance that makes the vessels look like antiques. We have many bud vases with this appearance to choose from. For a more elegant look, use a vessel that has a detailed design. The palm etched antique silver bottle vase features sketches of leaves, flowers, and more.

Ball Bud Vases

Looking for circular bud vases? We offer a range of ball bud vases, perfect for occasions of any style. Our 7in ball vase with gold rim can add elegance to any tablescape. Try our 3in ball glass bud vases for a unique shape that is perfect for a single flower stem. For something more unique, our optical line glass ball bud vase is certainly an eye-catcher.

Hanging Bud Vases

Take your venue or event to new heights. With a hanging bud vase, you can display your floral buds from the ceiling or on the wall. Fill the hanging ball vase with flower heads and suspend them above your dining tables. For more length, opt for a tube shape vase and have the flower peek out of the top. Cast more light in your venue by dangling a few light bulb vases over an arrangement of votives.

Buy Bud Vases in Bulk at Jamali Garden

Shop Jamali Garden's wide variety of wholesale bud vases to decorate your wedding, commercial space or event venue. We know that you may need a large quantity to decorate the entire venue. That's why we offer miniature bud vases in wholesale quantities. If you are decorating your wedding with bud vases, get ideas from our Bud Vases for any Wedding Theme Guide. Get the bulk amount you need at an affordable price, and start decorating today with Jamali Garden!