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  1. Pomegranate Bud Vase, Set of 4
    Pomegranate Bud Vase, Set of 4
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  2. Light Green Ball Bud Vase, Set of 2
    Light Green Ball Bud Vase, Set of 2
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  3. Mexican Green Bud Vases
    Mexican Green Bud Vases


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  4. Glass Light Bulb Vases
    Glass Light Bulb Vases


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124 Items

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Glass Bud Vases

Glass bud vases are the perfect vessels to hold single-stem flowers or grasses to decorate tables. Bud vases come in various sizes, providing depth to centerpieces, and the different shades and finishes suit multiple occasions and themes.

Glass bud vases are simple and sophisticated, and even edgy and contemporary, with a metallic or etched finish. When purchasing wholesale glass bud vases, you get specialized pricing, offering you an elegant and affordable way to decorate venues.

Hosting Memorable Weddings and Events

Every couple wants their celebration to be unique with special touches. The glass bud vases are exceptional for any wedding theme, helping you create beautiful, trendy, vintage, or edgy looks as the occasion requires. Jamali Garden stocks a wide range of bud vases to help you decorate and elevate your theme.

Versatile and Sophisticated Centerpieces 

Glass bud vases can have a romantic, whimsical, and vintage feel when paired with the perfect single-stem flowers.

The diamond cut clear glass bud vase set combines beautifully with the cream peony stemred charm peony stem, or eggnog rose for an elegant event. For an earthy, chic look, select the clear deco glass vase set and add cut pampas grassbunny tail grass, or beige amaranth reed.

For a whimsical, colorful, and cheerful celebration, use different bud vases, like these blue medicine bottlesdark green bud vasesamber ball bud vases, or bonbon bud vases. Alternatively, go glamorous by pairing the platinum bud vase with the silver glitter peacock pick or glittered white feather peony.

Shop Wholesale Glass Bud Vases at Jamali Garden

Glass bud vases are perfect for any wedding and function. The different sizes, shapes, hues, and finishes help you create striking centerpiece arrangements, and the wholesale availability enables you to get the vases in the amount you need quickly.

Benefit from specialized bulk prices — shop Jamali Garden today!


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