Warm White Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10


Warm White Submersible Single LED Light, Set of 10

Item# STL02-WW

1 1/4in Dia. x 1in High 

Weight: 0.1 lbs.

Color: Warm White

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Set Of 10 ($1.20 EA)
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Make the water in your flower arrangements glow with these warm white submersible L.E.D. lights. To turn them on, just twist the bottom and top half together. The entire unit can go in the water. You can also use these warm white submersible LED lights to add some color to a pool, or use them at the bottom of a clear champagne bucket.

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If you’re looking for an enchanting, whimsical way to make your flower arrangements and centerpieces stand out while illuminating the venue with light and style, Jamali Garden’s warm white submersible single L.E.D. lights might be exactly what you need. Flower arrangements and lighting décor make all the difference to an event’s design — why not make them as unique as possible?

Warm White Submersible Single L.E.D. Lights for Weddings or Events

Whether the flower arrangements are large centerpieces in water vases, elegant floating flowers in bowls, or arrangements in glass pedestal vases, our warm white L.E.D. lights will illuminate them in an entirely unusual way — from within the arrangement.

Place each single L.E.D. light in your vase or whatever holds your floral arrangement — even if it’s in water. Your blooms will never look more beautiful and illuminated. If your vases are glass, the submerged lights will create an even more interesting visual, casting a white, watery glow on the tables around them for an entirely unique aesthetic.

Buy Warm White Submersible L.E.D. Lights in Bulk

Illuminate your event and floral arrangements with our unique lighting option when you purchase online today, and explore our unique selection of extensive décor to inspire all your events.