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Buy Decorative Lights and Lighting for Events Online

Light is synonymous with celebration. Whether dramatic or subtle, the right lighting can transform a space and complement your overall style scheme. It draws attention to different areas of the room and invites your guests to celebrate special occasions with you.

At Jamali Garden, we offer a variety of different lighting options to ensure you find something that suits your distinctive style. Whether you're looking to create a stunning impact or an understated accent, beautiful wedding and event lighting allows you to create the ideal atmosphere for your event. 

Choose From a Large Selection of Lights and LED Lighting

It's incredible how the right lighting is enough to change the entire look and feel of your wedding or event. In fact, the basic role of event lighting is to set a particular tone or mood. Soft, white light throughout your wedding venue casts a dreamy glow and sets the mood for romance. Brightly-colored lighting can be used for festive events, such as purple lighting at a Halloween party or green lights to give your Christmas event a woodsy feel. Jamali Garden has a huge variety of lighting to choose from in lots of different colors. Here are some our favorite selections that are sure to make an impact at your upcoming wedding or event.

Light Strings and Light Sets

One of the most popular options when it comes to lighting is the use of light strands. We have a variety of string lights to choose from, attached to green, clear, or naked wire cords. Our lighting comes in a variety of different colors, including white, gold, multicolored, blue, green, purple, red, and more. We have delicate fairy lights perfect for even the smallest spaces and large bulbed light sets to give your event a more contemporary industrial feel. 

Light strands can be used in a variety of unique ways. Intertwine them with your floral garlands and greenery. Or, create a canopy of twinkling lights above the heads of your guests. Whether you use them on their own or combined with your other décor, you'll love the creative possibilities. 

Floral Lights for Sale

Bring a beautiful glow to your centerpieces or a colorful accent to a clear vase with floral lights. Our submersible waterproof floral lights come in a wide variety of colors, including white, red, purple, and green. We also have miniature spotlights and lit bases that can brighten up your centerpiece with some dramatic uplighting. 

Hanging Lamps, Chandeliers, and Lanterns

Elegant and stylish lanterns, chandeliers, and lamps are a simple way to make an incredible impact. Whether you love the bohemian charm of our Ottoman style lantern or the sleek sophistication of our crystal lamp, we have hanging lights to suit every style. 

Many More Selections to Choose From

From beautifully illuminated branches and garlands to LED votive candles that are perfect for flame-free venues, we have lots of other lighting options to choose from as well. 

Buy Your Wholesale Wedding and Event Lighting Online From Jamali Garden

Buy your event lighting in bulk from Jamali Garden to get the quantities you need to create an extra special atmosphere your guests will never forget. No matter what your event or wedding needs to brighten the space, browse our selections to find your perfect lighting solution and elevate your venue's atmosphere.